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At 2008 in Japan Tokyo

About this BLOG

Criminal records of manual therapist living in Japan.And miscellaneous note.


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  • The mechanism of human cognition

    I training a karate over ten years.

    Curiously, as my punche get faster, people’s punches look slower. Similarly, as the power of my punch increase,I feel the power of people’s punches lightly.

    These phenomena are the mechanism of human cognition.What can be sent can also be received. Not the other way around.

    I think that learn languages is same too.What can be write also can be read.

    For that reason,I writing this BLOG in English.

  • Handle of your life

    I realized that delicate topics should be written in English.

    Example,What I want to say to professionals is Spiritual groups attract lost sheep. But do you want to be a shepherd?

    If you are tempted, an equal or superior partner is good.

    What I want to say to spilituals customers is doing art does not mean that you will be lofty. Reading a difficult book doesn’t make you smarter. Same as licking a candy.

    It’s all up to you. Grab the handle of your life.

  • COVID-19

    The world has been hit by the calamity of covid19.

    Even in Japan, every day there is a lot of talk about COVID-19.However, surprisingly few people are infected or die in Japan.

    Before COVID-19, it seemed like there were no borders due to the development of global companies and liberalism.

    But,Borders have become strongly conscious now.

    One is that immunity between races is different. For example, smallpox has nearly wiped out Indians and Hawaiians.If the movement of people increases in the future, a pandemic will occur again.

    One is that the dictatorship has better control of COVID-19.

    In the future, COVID-19 will change the awareness of human rights and the form of the nation. I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

  • About the clock

    I’m in love with the clock.

    Let’s talk about charm of clock.Example,Rolex is gorgeous.Oyster case has a elegance.Omega’s solidity.Everyone may say that beginners should buy the Sea-master.Many people love the cleanliness of Grand Seiko.The charm of clock is diverse.

    But,My favorite clock is Baume&Mercer.It’s sober, but it has a beauty that isn’t intimidating.

    Clifton baumatic 2018
  • Qi≒Force

    Qi is like a Force in Star Wars.Everyone loves it.

    However, I know that I can’t move things or fly people.

    Qi is the essential power of healing.Rather than power, the essence is the relationship between people and people.

    When you have a stomachache, you may feel less pain by touching it. Have you ever had a headache when your mother stroked your head and the pain was alleviated?

    It is the Qi that maximized such a phenomenon by training.

  • About hamada-seitai

    I am a traditional Japanese manual therapist.

    Oriental famous manual therapy is acupuncture.But,Japan have a other good manual therapy.

    One of them is “Seitai”.It means to prepare your body.Writing seitai in Chinese characters is 整体.

    The range of the word seitai is just like sports. Just as there are basketball and baseball in sports, there are different types of seitai.

    What I have learned for over 20 years and now work is Noguchi Seitai.But,My name is Hamada, so I call myself Hamada Seitai.

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